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Low Prices On Used European Auto Parts

High Quality European Car Parts


Our warehouse is stocked with a broad selection of European car parts. From headlights, fenders, bumpers, mirrors, signal lights, and rims to make your European car beautiful to the things that make it roar under the hood.

Our stock continuously changes due to a high turnaround of parts for Eurpean automobiles and we offer parts for all brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen (VW), Land Rover, Volvo, and many more. When it comes to hand-picked OEM parts for European cars, we’re the experts.

If you are looking for a specific part call us. We either have it on hand or we will do what’s needed to get it.

All of our parts come with a 30 day warranty, so you can rest assured you’re in good hands. Our selection and testing processes enable us to be sure that you are getting a good, lightly used product that will last.

Save big by getting top-quality used parts at low prices from Lucky13.

We proudly provide parts to local auto-body and repair shops. If you are a mechanic in need of European car parts we’d be happy to provide you with what you and your client need.

MOBILE: 647. 290. 7067
OFFICE: 905. 827. 2886

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